Hiring for SEO Services in Frisco? Here are 5 Costs to Consider.

Hiring for SEO Services in Frisco? Here are 5 Costs to Consider.

In today’s world, SEO is king when it comes to organic growth for businesses. With most advertising being done online these days, hiring local SEO services in Frisco to create the best strategies for your company should be a core part of your growth strategy.

The question for many, though, is just how much does one need to budget for SEO services?

This article will explore the costs that you should be aware of when deciding to hire an SEO team, and we at SEO Blue are here to help you find the perfect people for the job. Let’s dive in!

Onboarding Fees

Sometimes SEO experts will require onboarding for new clients, and this may come with a small fee.

Onboarding fees, sometimes called setup fees, can range anywhere from $500 all the way up to $5000 depending on the agency you work with.

Luckily for you, we at SEO Blue charge ZERO onboarding fees. This gives us a major competitive advantage and is one of the major reasons why businesses in Frisco, Tx choose us time and again.

SEO Service Fees

When it comes to the service fees of SEO, there are a few different types of setups you may see.

  • Hourly: This option is favoured by freelancers and independent contractors. Using an hourly rate is best suited for smaller clients and is done by keeping track of how long it takes to complete each project.

    The average cost of an hourly-rated local SEO expert is between $100-$250, but the range can go from less than $25 all the way up to $750.

    As the client, you would need to be sure to ask that they give you a full breakdown of the time spent so you can ensure that they’ve billed you correctly.
  • Monthly: The monthly pricing style is commonly used by larger agencies, and it’s a fixed price for each month as a retainer.

    These packages typically will have an agreed-upon set of services, which some companies allow you to customize.

    The price of monthly retainer fees generally ranges anywhere from $1000-$10,000+. This payment setup is the most used because it leads to a higher ROI for clients.

  • Per project: Sometimes you may see an SEO service charge on a per-project basis. Doing it this way gives much more leeway for customization, as you would be sitting down and discussing what you need before you hire a local SEO expert.

    These types of project prices are so varying because each project is so unique, but the average cost tends to be in the $500-$1,000 range.

    This pricing structure is helpful for companies who already have an SEO team in place but need some extra help, as you are not likely to see a wildly high ROI from a one-time project.

SEO services in Frisco may have different prices in each of these categories, but these are the average ranges that you should try to keep budgeted.

Content Cost

You may be wondering “Who pays for the new content that needs to be developed?” Well, we have the answer. This is what you should expect when it comes to content production.

Most SEO agencies will take care of producing new content for your website and the cost of producing that content is typically included in the monthly SEO service fee.

Good content can cost anywhere from $50-$100 per article, so make sure you budget accordingly as a typical SEO campaign might need anywhere from 10-30 articles.

Backlinks Cost

Backlinks are a huge key to a successful SEO campaign. Backlinks are how search engines like Google keep track of how authoritative you and your company are, and thus how high up they rank you in the searches.

They also help point referral traffic and let people find you through other websites. Hiring local SEO experts will help your company find the best places to put backlinks in order to draw in more traffic.

The cost of this feature of SEO will vary depending on the volume of links needed as well as the authority needed (how strong of a base website do you need to put the link on). Typically, this will cost of this will be included in the monthly retainer fee for the SEO campaign and we suggest a minimum of $500 for backlinks to be budgeted.

Cancellation Fees

If you decide to cancel your SEO services for whatever reason, you can more often than not expect a cancellation fee. In most cases, it will be based on work completed. So, whatever the SEO experts have already done will be charged to you based on expenses and contract pricing. This makes it fair for all parties involved.

The moral of the story is this: the best SEO service in Frisco is the one you can afford and can fit your needs! When you are going through and finding a local SEO expert, be sure to know what it is your company needs from an SEO campaign, what kind of budget you are willing to work with, and what kind of scale you need.

Based in Texas? We also provide services in Sugar Land, Flower Mound, Plano, and The Woodlands.

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