Where Can I Find Freelancers for SEO?

Where Can I Find Freelancers for SEO?

Looking for SEO freelancers to grow your companies’ organic traffic?

Here is everything you need to know!

SEO Freelancers

All the top websites are always competing for their spot at the very top of the Google search. There are constant changes in the algorithm that decides the top-ranking websites which can also prove to be more challenging. It can be difficult to boot one off, especially if you have no experience with SEO yourself.

Instead, look for someone whose job it is to optimize your article for SEO. Hiring SEO freelancers will result in expertly incorporating your desired keywords into your website or article. This then means better or top ranking on search engines.

The Best Places to Find SEO Freelancers

Freelancers can now be found in a variety of places online. More and more websites are opening up and offering freelancers a place to sell their talents. Websites like Fiverr and Upwork make it very easy to find freelancers based on the type of work you need completed.

LinkedIn has also been teasing users with a freelance marketplace for a long time, but it has yet to be completed. Despite this, there are still many very reputable and saturated markets to find the perfect SEO freelancer for you.


Fiverr is among one of the most popular places to find SEO freelancers. On Fiverr, you can find affordable freelancers since the website is more oriented towards lower costs. On Fiverr, freelancers have their “gigs” posted in which you can purchase your desired package from.

Fiverr started out as a marketplace for individuals to sell their services for just five dollars, but is now shifting away from this business model.  Fiverr wants to now both have a marketplace for high-quality, affordable work. Most freelancers now have their prices much higher above the five dollar starting point.

Fiverr home page for finding freelancers
Fiverr Home Page


Upwork has been an extremely reputable place to locate talented SEO freelancers for a long time. It has a strict verification process for both freelancers and clients to ensure no one is scammed. This marketplace works closer to a job marketplace compared to Fiverr. For example, clients can post custom jobs and any freelancer interested can apply.

There is a boost system that allows freelancers to bid “boosts” in order to get to the top place on your list. The marketplace allows both long term and short term jobs to be posted which allows for lots of flexibility in finding the perfect SEO freelancer.

Upwork homepage for finding freelancers
Upwork Home Page


Indeed is known for being a marketplace to find regular jobs, but is growing to prove valuable to the freelancing realm. If you’re looking for an SEO freelancer, you’re bound to find one that has all the qualifications you need. There are many filters that you can use depending on your requirements.

Indeed is not yet the right place if you’re looking for someone to just complete 1 project for you. Instead, you might to take a look at Fiverr or Upwork for short term ‘one off’ projects.

Indeed jobs board
Indeed Jobs Board

Social Media

Social Media is a more casual place to find SEO freelancers, but it can result in wonderful results. Although LinkedIn has not built out an active freelance marketplace, it is still very useful for recruiting freelancers. Other sites like Twitter and Reddit also have many freelancers that may find your posting and turn out to be an incredible hire for your SEO project.

 Instagram is also emerging as a place where many people find freelancers. However, it is easiest to do this if you already have a significant following.  For all social media, make sure you correctly tag or place your job posting so that the right people can find it.


Not many people know about ProBlogger but it has existed since 2004. This is a great site if you’re looking specifically for SEO writers.  There is a job board where you can find a skilled SEO freelancer for your project.

Pro blogger home page
Pro Blogger


Sometimes, the best place to find a great SEO freelancer is right through the search engine you’re looking to optimize.  The best SEO freelancers will have their websites ranking high in the search and make it very easy for you to locate them.

SEO Freelancers Can Provide Extreme Value

If you’re looking to hire a freelancer to improve your SEO, it is important to know exactly what they can do for you. The following skills are crucial for having your article or website perform the best it can in the search engines.

Keyword Research

A freelancer skilled in SEO can do keyword research for you. This is the foundation to boosting your SEO efforts.  You might think that you know the best keywords for your site, but give a freelancer skilled in SEO a shot and you will likely be surprised.

Many freelancers are very skilled when it comes to finding keywords you would have never thought to use.  After all, they likely have experience in a variety of different fields and know what to look for when it comes SEO.

Content Creation

Freelancers who specialize in SEO also typically incorporate content creation into their business too. This could mean landing page content, blog content, or product descriptions. 

SEO writing includes an interesting mix of proper keyword placement, easy to understand formatting, and writing that is planned for your audience.

Link Building

This can be a majorly overlooked aspect of SEO, often to the website owners detriment.  Without proper links, all the other work put in can prove less valuable.  This is because search engines like to rank based on links to your website which indicates a higher authority of your site.

If your link does not demonstrate you have authority, but your writing does, you’ll rank lower than someone who has quality for both. Internal, Outgoing, and Inbound links are all important and should be brought up to your freelancer.

Freelancer for SEO vs. SEO Agency

A freelancer specializing in SEO is just 1 individual whereas an SEO agency consists of a group of individuals. Freelancers can be more flexible to your certain needs and oftentimes have a very flexible schedule. Freelancers will oftentimes have less clients compared to an entire agency so they have more time to work directly with you.

On the other hand, an SEO agency will have a group of individuals with different skill sets who can help in a variety of areas. They will have standard practices within the agency and set business hours.  Agencies typically offer a wide range of marketing services in addition to SEO, but it is better to work with agencies that specialize in one specific marketing domain.

In the end, examine your business and how you work.  Hire the exact SEO freelancer or agency for your needs that you find clicks with you and your business. It might take a few tries, but eventually, your websites will stay at the top rank of the search engines.

If you are looking to hire an SEO agency, you may contact us here and we will get back you within 24 hours.

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